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I haven't being reading these passed posts, just scanning. So far I haven't found any argument made by either side that sways my decision.

I will however counter one point, if only to protect the integrity of the debate.
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And that's really what it comes down to. The Kaggath sets up what is supposed to be a military conflict between a fully realized military power with an experienced leader and an organization that is completely ill-equipped to be anything of the sort and a non-military leader. There's nothing wrong with Kreia or her methods in the normal scheme of things, but battle like this is CLEARLY not her strength.

I think only the best of Kreia in the areas where she excels, but with the conflict as presented in the OP it is absolutely ridiculous to think she had even a fighting chance.
Incorrect. The Kaggath was an ancient rite of Sith that pitted the combatants and their respective power bases against each other.

Darth Nox was not an 'experienced leader' with a 'fully realized military power' - his power base consisted of himself and a Moff that liked him. Traya is a Sith Lord and leader of the Sith Triumvirate - one of two powers (the other being Darth Sidious) who pratically succeeded in wiping out the Jedi Order. I've yet to see any evidence to suggest that Traya had a couple of battered cruisers and some sith here and there. She inherited the entire Sith Empire. And unless the Republic managed to wipe out the Empire, which may I mention was winning the war, in the space of a year, then much of it remained when Traya took the mantle. The Kaggath is one part duel one part large-scale dejarik-match. What did Traya say again?

"No game of dejarik can be one without pawns... and this may prove to be a very long game"

Its the opening quote to the thread for gods sake, Traya was made for the Kaggath, a duel where deception, manipulation and guile where just as important as military strategy.

Oh and no way would Traya leave Malachor when Revan had it surrounded. You may argue the rules force her to, because its against the rules to sit and do nothing (which it is). But Traya was doing something, not physically but mentally. She was goading him into a direct confrontation, feigning complete defeat and no doubt manipulating his mind through the Force and enticing him with the dark side energies of Malachor. In more ways than one, she was on the offensive.

(lol, I actually have the power to do that)