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Hey, so Ive been kinda putting off relics, been just using the Matrix Cube, and a Columi Relic I got off a raid ages ago.

So my question is, what is the best relics to be using. I know Matrix Cube is practically BiS with its Will and Crit. But what should I be grabbing for my second relic. a PVP relic, (keep in mind Im not gonna have patience for a WH so it will be more like a BM as I hate PvP) or a Dreadguard?

Ive been starting to run dailies again(hate grinding dailies, but Im soo poor its sad) and am getting up to the point I can buy a dread guard relic(like should have enough at the end of the day, but dont want to waste the coms if I can just do a few pvp matches and grab a BM relic and it be more use to me.
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