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If operatives do warrant a buff (I'm on the fence about it right now), it could be a couple things (but not all of these),

1. AOE damage reduction passive skill

2. Increased energy regain entering/leaving stealth.

3. Increase TA granted from Shiv to 2

4. Increase max TA for DPS to 3 with longer retention duration

5. Increase effectiveness of Toxic scan for all trees

For those that don't play operative DPS, the most used attack (lacerate) requires two "energy" sources to use. Tactical advantage and energy. Base classes (and their ACs) Inquisitor/BH/Warrior and even the other AC of the Agent base class (sniper) have single energy mechanics.
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Mostly agree, but be careful handing out too much Upper Hand and energy regen. You are supposed to have to choose between burst and sustained damage. So either use Pugnacity or more sucker punches, but not both.
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