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Darth Malgus there is no debate to it.

The wrath beat baras by himself and it takes 4 of the empires champions to take down darth malgus.
Like ive said game mechanics are irrelevant when it comes to comparing ones power. Jst because it takes 4ppl to down Malgus in a fp doesnt mean it takes 4 to beat him in an actual canonical fight.

Although it is canon that he fights all 4 of em at once there is no evidence to suggest that he could've beat any one of the player classes 1v1 (aside from the smuggler, trooper, and probably bounty hunter as i dnt see them winning 1v1 vs Malgus.). If u ask me all the jedi and sith classes could top Malgus 1v1(albeit not easily whatsoever) it just happened to be 4v1 due to game mechanics wanting it to be that way. (Id give the agent a fair chance vs Malgus since he beat the 2nd most powerful sith in the empire (one stronger than Malgus) as stated by Watcher2 who's mind is equivalent to that of a supercomputer.)