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thanks for all the help. i have actually been using the hybrid for a couple days now, found it on another forums post. there is definitively a learning curve, i still need to get used to the amount of CC that i have and to remember i can sneak around in stealth right when i am out of battle.
Yes you will have excellent control with the hybrid which is imo its real strength. It is the best at defending nodes solo, you can stall a group of 2-3 people with instant WW, stealth mez, and your hard stun and out of stealth knock down. Once you get the hang of the class and get some gear (<---really important as you will melt w/o it) I encourage you to try some DPS builds. Full madness or deception can really pump out the damage or you can run hybrids of both, check out the class forums someone made a post with all the hybrids our class has to offer.