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Now you speak of the force as if Traya is the only one who has it. Revan has himself (he's no slouch) and plenty of Jedi. This isn't a force vs strength in numbers fight.

If you honestly think that Traya can beat Revan in this scenario, then there's nothing I can do to.
Three jedi masters that survived the purge that the Sith Triumvirate initiated, wiped away with one fel swoop by Traya in their own enclave. It is -not- about being a slouch in numbers or the Force, it is proven ability and testimony from the characters. Revan, Jedi Knight Revan, is absolutely dead according to the very definition of Traya's -demonstrated- power.

There's nothing you can do because there is nothing you can present as evidence to the contrary. Her two apprentices kicked her out of the order because they had learned all the could from her, and look at them:

Darth Sion
Darth Nihilus

two of the most powerful forces spawned by dark teachings- Inability to die and the ability to devour, to kill the Force, under her command and her tutelage (I am aware Sion's power did not come from Traya but she did further his education and have complete control of him) If they are not clear examples of her power, of her knowledge, and if you cannot imagine just Jedi Knight Revan facing her power, *emphasis* demonstrated power, for which there is no defense, or at the very least no defense that could be known by JKRevan or the jedi under his command, then, I'm sorry, there is nothing I can do for you