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11.30.2012 , 10:45 AM | #12
Almost every match I have to remind people to leave 2 people guarding a node if we have 2 nodes, that we only need 1 guarding a node if we have 1 node, and to call the number of incoming enemies, not just "inc west." The last one seems to piss people off the most, even if I say something like "call two west rather than inc west, it's the same number of characters to type," they don't seem to grasp that without a number it's hard to not overcommit our defenders. Then, after the person does call the number of enemies, the team has to be reminded not to overcommit defenders! Guy at west calls inc 1? Better send 5 guys up there.

The fact that people don't know basic strategy by the time they reach the 50 bracket saddens me. Maybe we need more people in lowbies teaching them the tricks.