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Does no one read the WIki anymore?

The Ebon Hawk's fate
After Surik had completed her quest to find the Jedi Masters who exiled her, the Ebon Hawk transported her to the forsaken world of Malachor V. There, the ship made a very damaging crash-landing in a canyon before later breaking loose and falling into Malachor V's core. After Surik confronted and defeated the remaining Sith Lords, Darth Sion and Darth Traya, the Ebon Hawk proved still functional when her companions piloted the ship out of the abyss and rescued her from the Trayus Core just in time to escape before the Mass Shadow Generator destroyed the planet completely.

From there, Surik then headed into the Unknown Regions to seek out Revan. Kreia predicted that Surik's crew would return to the Republic and rebuild the Jedi Order.[4] Surik eventually returned to the Republic and, after meeting with Bastila, set out once again in the Ebon Hawk in search of Revan. That search eventually ended on Dromund Kaas, the Sith Empire's capital at the time. Surik managed to find Revan, yet she was killed by Lord Scourge. Subsequently, Revan was recaptured and T3-M4 was destroyed, leaving no one to claim the Ebon Hawk.
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