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As he said- you can get away with 21 point in corruption for innervate, the higher stuff isn't that useful and you won't be using consumption so don't look at buffs for it. The aoe heal is awesome for novare- people often are clumped up there- but outside of there it's hard to get more than 1 or 2 people to stand in it long, and it's useless in huttball altogether.

17 points in Lightning is almost a must in pvp- backlash, electric bindings, and lightning strike offers far better force regen than consumption does.

I run 21/20- I get instant chain lightning, good force management, backlash, bindings, innervate- it's not a bad heal/utility spec.

But- if you don't want to switch specs for pve- it's not great- lightning hybrid has no point there since you go that way mostly for the CC. In that case- go 31 for the aoe heal (note- full healing isn't too terrible in pvp either, just not survivable and you die alot), or go a madness build for damage- even though madness isn't as good for survivability, it's not terrible and if you just want one spec- madness will be the tree that gives you the ability to do both well (for a sorc anyway).
Will you post your 21/20 please?
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