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11.30.2012 , 10:33 AM | #56
Characters name: Daevyn
Server: Jedi Covenant
Area: Fleet
Time: 11:19am EST

Second time this has happened to me in 24 hours. I've been intentionally sitting in the fleet, accruing rest XP for the last week while I played a different toon. Log in, log out and everything is back to normal except
- Have to refill my action bars
- Lost all my rested XP. So much for my strategy of

I really want to like this game (and do), but the bugs are getting to me. Spent 4 hours playing the other night, re-equipping companion items every 5 minutes, and now lost all my rested XP on this toon.

Is there any way to restore rest XP? Last time I called customer service, I waited for 30min to speak to someone, for it to take them 6 days to solve my problem. Not worth talking to them if that will be my experience again.