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Could I address a few things here. Blazing Shadow said that the shuttle would have assassins in it, so Traya wouldn't be leaving the planet. The assassins would stealthily board one of Revan's ships and take it over. Then move on to the next. He wasn't saying Traya was leaving the planet.

So with that in mind, it is quite possible for Traya to win using this tactic. The assassins could easily sneak through the blockade. No blockade is fool-proof.

Anyway, this debate has been over for a while now. Why don't we just leave it as it is and hope for the best?
You're right. The debate is over. But allow me to make a point regarding those assassins:
If they couldn't beat Revan's army when they were at full force, I see no way that they could beat Revan's forces now that there are very few of them + Revan's watching them and he knows where they're coming from.

Sorry I did that. I know the debate is over, I just could shy away from making that last point. If you want to reply to this and chew it over for a bit, I don't mind.