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Geez. I really didn't want to get back into this. But your tone is so annoying I couldn't resist.

1. No point in arguing here. If "wrapping up" my supposed "loose ends" make you feel better, then have fun.
2. He has so many ships dude. He's gonna be constantly monitering the planet. With his loose blockade, you're right, Traya could get a few guys out in a single shuttle. What does that accomplish here though? All Revan has to do is track the shuttle's hyperspace coordinates, follow the shuttle, and the BOOM!
3. We've been over this. Beni said that Traya has 0% of her fleet bro and Revan has 20% of his. This is extremely generous to Traya wether you like it or not.

So, with K-Canon in mind, Traya is on Malachor V with possibly 1 shuttle, while Revan is blockading the planet with 20% of his massive fleet. While this is happening, Revan will go to other planets and either loot them or take them over. Hell, he could take over the entire galaxy while Traya sits on Malachor. And I love it that you brought up the fact that Traya can leave Malachor, because if she does, she dies. With that in mind, it's not only likely that Revan would tie this Kaggath, but likely that Revan could win it. Seriously, if Traya leaves, she dies for so many reasons. If she stays, it's a draw. Even then, if she stays, she gives Revan time to conquer other worlds. This is time to develop new tech and weapons. Traya does not win this fight unless Revan makes a foolish attack on Malachor.

Remember the logic you guys used to say that Revan would lose? You said "Revan dies because the Kaggath rules force him to attack Malachor." Well guess what? If that's what the Kaggath rules do, then they also means that Traya has to fly right into Revan's fleet with her single shuttle. Both of these plans are suicide! So now the rule (which I've argued should be dropped for this exception - stalemate) dooms Traya just as much as it dooms Revan. I love it that you just beat your own argument there. Nicely done!

I hope Beni is still reading!
Could I address a few things here. Blazing Shadow said that the shuttle would have assassins in it, so Traya wouldn't be leaving the planet. The assassins would stealthily board one of Revan's ships and take it over. Then move on to the next. He wasn't saying Traya was leaving the planet.

So with that in mind, it is quite possible for Traya to win using this tactic. The assassins could easily sneak through the blockade. No blockade is fool-proof.

Anyway, this debate has been over for a while now. Why don't we just leave it as it is and hope for the best?
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