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Just thought I would point some things out.

healing aggro is 50% and is divided equally amongst all enemies in a fight,. tanking threat is 150%, and then some abilities increase it. For example, my shock generates 2.15 times the damage in threat, discharge and wither generate around 3 times as much. all other abilities generate 1.5 times the damage.
Base tanking threat is actually 200%. You did get the correct net multipliers on Wither and Shock though.

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Also, My rotation is nowhere near 1000 dps. I might get lucky to get a 2-3k shock, 1-1.5k wither and minimal damage on discharge. My FL ticks for 1k. assassinate can go to 3-3.5 k if crit 2-2.5 k normal. There is no way I will get close to 1000 dps and I got PTs and assassins that can gnerate bursts for 2400 dps.
Because of the high-threat abilities as well as your self-heal, your net ideal threat is actually 1900-1950, assuming you're in 50-60% DG mods. That pairs with a DPS level of a bit over 800. No question that super, super high DPS can pull off you at that level, but they certainly have to work at it.
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