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11.30.2012 , 10:06 AM | #2
A reminder that we are having the Guild Rush tonight. Last month several players found new homes in guilds. We like to see as many guilds as possible turn out to give the players a chance to find one that fits their playstyle.

If you are currently looking for a Guild I do know that there are several guilds that will be turning out that are accepting new players.

So far Guilds planning to attend in November:


Prophecy of the Fatman


Exiles of Lowca

I will be there as Representative of Deaths Fist /CorbantisTwoPointoh though we are not currently recruiting.

In the past we have also had


Revan's Legacy

They may be there as well. Come join us. Its great fun. Dancing and Dueling. Drinking and general Shenanigans will ensue
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