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As posted in my own thread, I will read this later tonight, as atm I am in a hurry and just finished updating my thread.

I will reply and or pm to you soon

I read your topic, nice initiative.
I have a few things i've noticed which have also been brought to my attention in my thread.

-As for examples such as highest damage in 1 single hit. It's easy for lolsmashers to dominate at this part because no other class has potential to these kinds of numbers (9k+)
-Think well about the records you are choosing. Some of these are only possible in novare coast and/or civil war.
Since you're making something huge, perhaps make different sets of records for different warzones?
Same for different classes. For some records some classes just don't have the potential be they great players or not.
-Damage taken for example. As you can see in my thread we make it damage taken/deaths ratio. Maybe pull out some good ideas from other topics from other servers. I've noticed differences in each and every server topic be they small or big.
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