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Quote: Originally Posted by Groncho View Post
u can always try to straf and use los
one snare break for a non healing sorc...

tell me how that works vs even as little as 2 melee classes,
charge snare charge snare, ravage snare, force choke etc

to be a successful sorc you need a much higher skill set than these classes...

ill admit sorcs can have great mobility in a 1v1 situation but again most wz's are melee gravy trains and we can all agree the lag in wz's is deplorable... i often get charge by a jugg, he'll dissapear, and ill be smashed for 7k before he even re appears..

the current balance logic witht he sorc class doesnt make sense, the squishiest class with no powerful defensive cooldowns (as in long cooldwon) and light armor also has very mediocre dmg.. in fact sorc damage is easily behind a mara, jugg, pt, assasin, sniper, and our survivability lags behind all of them as well... this isnt balance

so snipers are fine, then counter warriors very well... they trade mobility for immunites and have great burst