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I'm not at my gaming computer but like the previous person posted, the middle can be a great place for 8man groups (pvp specific). Just make sure you don't cover up too much of your center screen. If you are more of a clicker than a binder this set up can be a bit tough at first. With time you'll get used to it.

If you do 8man PvE (SM/HM operations) it can be nice to split the ops box into 2 sets of four because you are usually in charge of main healing the same "group", with some off healing of the other group.

16man, like 8man requires another set up.
I do PvP exclusively, and as we all know the vast majority of PvP is 8 man warzones.
I know of no other way BUT clicking to target people in my operations. I'd like nothing better then to keybind people in operations to F1/F2/F3 etc.

I'm not a skill clicker, though.
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