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11.30.2012 , 09:13 AM | #1
After screwing around a lot, finding out that I'm better at tanking than DPS with my Powertech, and wasting many credits and commendations on the wrong gear, I think I am finally on track to make myself the kind of tank that people say "oh, ****, i want him in my group." What Augnments are best for me? Shield? Absorption? Defense?
Is there a difference for which Aug I should use in PvP versus PvE?
I have six +9 Absorption Augs currently.
I am currently geared in full Columni Supercommando gear, except for my Block Hole Demolishers Body armor and Battlemaster Eliminator's Blaster (I know, wrong gear for tank).
As far as my PvP gear goes I have full Battlemaster Eliminator. (Again, I know wrong gear for tank, I'm working on that.)
Health, 20371. Armor 8341. Dmg Red., 50.58%. Defense Chance, 10.90%. Shield Chance 45.98%. Shield Absorption 45.54%
Did I provide enough info?
Thanks all!
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