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1. This debate is kinda over
2. Revan's ships can orbit at a distance.
3. K-Canon (Beni) says that Kreia is now on Malachor with 0% of her ships, while Revan has 20% of his (which is EXTREMELY generous to Traya)
1. It was over long before Beni said so, I just wrapped up the loose end you so dearly take comfort in.
2. Orbit is one thing, blockade is entirely different. If Revan's fleet would be forced to go a fair distance from the planet's polluted debris field, then breaking that blockade (which there would be none, then) would be very likely.
3. Not likely, but that was very generous of Beni. To you. No fool would ever sacrifice their entire fleet at one space battle when they could be used for so much. But she doesn't need ships, just one small shuttle, which is bound to be used in their escape.
4. Go watch Episode 5, then watch the space fight in episode 2, then watch the leaving Taris scene from Kotor1, then play Empire at War, then watch the Malevolence episodes of the clone wars.