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11.30.2012 , 08:26 AM | #8
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If they made pugs face only pugs I would have absolutely no objection at all to a deserter debuff.
I still wouldn't. Reason being is not wanting a debuff has nothing to do with not wanting to have a penalty for people "rage quitting." It more has to do with in the past couple weeks, I have had some other reasons I left a WZ and I almost never do.

Last weekend, I had a few where I lost connection. Tried doing some maintenance on my network and powercycled for a total of 4 disconnects before I stopped until I saw the cable guy fixing lines outside in the neighborhood. Last night, the fiance came in and said she needed help with something right as I just joined. Had to ditch then as well.

My question is; how does it negatively affect you even if it is a rage quit? I usually see backfill anyway and generally it is either lost, or the person overreacted and you are better off with the replacement.