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...The better pvpers on pub side need to find each other and start forming premades. You don't even have to be guilded, just grp up for regz. I've noticed imps run alot more premades than pubs. It's like the strong imp players want to grp up with other strong players and dominate, while pubs want to compete amongst themselves, therefore getting destroyed in wzs.
The above quote adds to my below points & is a smart suggestion to Republic players.

Imo it is a matter of numbers in the sense that imps out number pubs 3:1. So for example if you have a sports team, an academic team, a debate team, etc & you had 3 times as many people to pull from you have a strong advantage. Organization & communication are huge in PvP & since imp side has approximately 3 times as many guilds/players their community has more action/organization/communication etc.

As stated above Republic loses more WZs & people especially pugs tend to become frustrated, sad, annoyed etc which adds to more loses.

When we run a 4 person guild group we generally win 70-75% of the time due to half the group being organized in vent/mumble communication & we are all geared well.

Anyway, that is my 2 cents & have a good one.