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I thought about premades vs pugs / quitters problems. I have read some threads on forums, and know arguments of both sides. I came up with a conclusion, that the MAIN REASON of players leaving wzs / wzs being are too dominated by premades is LACK OF PLAYERS SKILL.

It is lack of skill / organisation / playing for objectives which makes most ppl leave, as they see that they will accomplish nothing by staying / grouping with them.

Therefore, if you could somehow improve overall playebase's pvp skills - it would reduce number of quitters, and (at least to some extent) make premades vs pugs more enjoyable / less roflstomping experience.

There are guides / videos on the net about how each wz should be played, what are objectives etc, but in my opinion, mostly people dont care and won't bother searching for it.

I can propose 2 things, which, if implemented in game, could make pvp more emjoyable - not by separating pugs from premades / punishing players who leave because those solutions simply won't work. What I am proposing is:

1. IMPLEMENT IN GAME VOICE CHAT (maybe it could be usable only in wzs) - This way pug players can at least to some extent communicate with each other - I am sure in every pug you could find at least few players with headphones / microphone who would like to communicate in order to achieve better results. You wouldn't need to install any programme. You could even award people with medal for using voice chat to give another incentive .

Of course I dont know if it is technically possible to do, but if yes, it is worth considering, and gives pugs a solid help versus premades + more communication between players is highly recommendable in mmo games.

2. MAKE PVP " TUTORIALS " - Idea is, bioware could add something like [ HEROIC 4] missions, starting from level 10, which HAS TO BE COMPLETED in order to even start queue for pvp at all. Goal of those missions would be gathering 4 people and sending them into certain warzones. Then, they would have to fight with MOBS (being equivalent of enemy players team) and win this warzone. Such mission would require to win a warzone, but, what's most important, would make players learn BASICS of OBJECTIVE playing. For example, warning would appear - ENEMY IS TRYING TO CAPTURE EASTERN EMPLACEMENT - SEND A TEAM TO PROTECT IT, BUT BE SURE TO GUARD OTHER POSTS TOO. Then some ninja mob would escape from stealth after like 10 seconds from this warning and try to capture another (controlled by players ) post, which would teach players not to leave post unguarded. It could in the same way teach about resolve, using guard on healers / ppl getting damage, necessity of keeping enemy players stunned / away, when one of you is planting a bombs etc etc.

I will not write how each of those warzone tutorials should look like, but I hope you see the point.

If those 2 things were in game, I think that overall organisation / objective oriented playing would be in much better shape, therefore drastically reducing numbers of incidents in which someone is failing to do basic things.

Of course it will not eliminate the issue of quitters ( there are many other reaons why people leave) neither it will make pugs vs premades fair matches, but it would definitely help.

I am open to your comments on those propositions
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