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11.30.2012 , 06:11 AM | #1
People are more and more often rage quitting warzones or soon as they see a smallest sign that their team might be losing. This is because there is absolutely no punishment for this kind of behavior, which pretty much ruins the warzone for rest of the people. Lot of people also drop straight away if they get middle of a ongoing warzone, making the backfill take ages before somebody actually stays.

Some counter arguments I have already seen were in the style "my baby started crying and had to go check up him/her" or "my roommate came to ask me for something" or "I do not care, I play casually" or "my internet connection is bad and I get disconnected from time to time". For me it sounds ridiculous. I really do not care about the reason why you dropped warzone, you are still ruining the game for the seven other people in the ops group.

So can please anybody give a proper reason why BW should not implement this?