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I'm pretty sure that is what did open fully EA greedy eyes and management got stunned from amount of publicly raised funds.
Close to 7 freaking millions within 1 month, that's how badly gamers want space sim. Gamers been begging EA/BW do something about that, nothing.
But hey, it is too late now, Chris Roberts is known name and he did earn a lot of gamers trust with hes past projects.
Look at demo, this game engine never can handle that, so it will be Direct X'ed 9 WoW like cartoony space joke.
Take the shuttle on the fleet, fly around a bit, you will get the picture.
Sadly agree with the above

Itīs all an example about wrong priorities, wrong decisions and having no clue about trends.

Trend: Space Combat -> missed. "Far out in the future" is too late, sorry
Trend: Sandbox -> missed
Trend: Not cloning WoW concept -> missed

BW/EA are like Sony or Nokia. Once they were ahead of the market, now they are sad examples for mismanagement and being blind for noticing trends and acting accordingly.