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That is the whole thing though. If a merc never gets touched, which doesn't happen often, he can do decent dmg. However, how often is someone left unscratched when their grav or tracer spaming. I'll literally pull off a target if I know someone is doing that to me and blow em up fast and get back on my target.

I think the merc in this video did a good job this round, but lets be honest. How easy is it for most of the other classes to break 300k dmg in that map or any map? This merc had to literally work his butt off. Playing on my jugg or murader I can break that dps without even barely trying.

Anyways, nice video regardless.
A fair point. I do think the class needs more tools to keep the bad guys at range. Or maybe some kind of meele defense buff? I look forward to seeing what bioware comes up with. I just hope they come up with it soon.
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