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YEAH! And <Full Resolve> and <Goof Troop> and <The Agency> and <COVENANT> and <Ascendancy> and especially <Deadweight> oh wait...

Or maybe you should post this in server specific forums, or not at all...

Only hacks I've ever "seen" is lag switches, and you know, it could just be actual lag...
This. I've played with cookies, full resolve, aliens and others and none imho dont hack. They use a lot of coordination (sp?) and tactics. I have also learned a lot from them on why what works and what doesnt due to skills of other AT. I have seen DW once saved one of their teamates from me killing them by a tank pulling them back to the healer since they out of range of heals and heal them back up. Coordination. As others have stated, from one reason or another the gameplay on the harbinger changes from days to nights...Pubs rule the day time and Imps rule the night.
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