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11.30.2012 , 04:13 AM | #3
I agree that the avg pub team is worse than the avg imp team. It's pretty sad actually. Although it's extremely frustrating at times, the problem is easily solved.

Make friends.

The better pvpers on pub side need to find each other and start forming premades. You don't even have to be guilded, just grp up for regz. I've noticed imps run alot more premades than pubs. It's like the strong imp players want to grp up with other strong players and dominate, while pubs want to compete amongst themselves, therefore getting destroyed in wzs. It's not uncommon to see a double-premade on imp side(which imo should never lose), but think about how often you see that on pub side. Because the majority of pub teams are filled with solo-queue'ers, it's usually tough to get the entire team on the same page as far as playing the objectives.

Bottom line, whether you're on imp side or pub side, there's always gonna be some required carrying. It's just alot easier to carry when you have 3 others helping. Start grping! :P
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