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Entry #80

The Darkside's In The Details

Earlier today I met up with Janace at the usual spot so she can begin her "intense" training sessions with me (because apparently the ones with her master weren't intense enough). We started out with a lightsaber duel, and I bested her. She was extremely impressed, saying that "I had grown tremendously."

Although I do like to pat my own back on occasion, what I did wasn't all that special. I just parried and ran from her until she got tired, then I nicked her in her sword hand, effectively disarming her.

I felt like I fought more like a coward than I did a Jedi, however Janace insisted that I give her some advice, to which I replied "You need to improve your focus."

The irony was delicious.

Next we meditated (oh joy!), she said that during her Trials she will have to face the "darkness within", and that she wanted me to meditate with her. We sat in front of each other and "centered" ourselves. Honestly I think I was fast asleep, but all I remember is waking up to hear Janace panting heavily. Before I could even approach her she waved me off and smiled, saying "It was nothing."

I suggested that we call it a day, and she agreed. She looked at me and smiled before heading off, though I wonder, did her eyes always have a yellow tint?

Entry #84


Janace and I usually spend hours at a time training with each other, and I thought today wouldn't be any different. When we met up I could tell that she was quite winded, something I never knew she could be minus the meditation incident.

She seemed far more eager than she should for someone in her condition, and I asked if she was okay, and she replied "I'm fine, really." And smiled, although it seemed forced. However being the sensitive and empathetic kind of guy I am, I completely ignored her physical condition and shrugged it off.

Our lightsaber duel didn't go quite as least for me. I thought I could beat her again, but instead she managed to pummel me at record time. She was much stronger than I had anticipated, perhaps stronger than she had ever been.

It was quite alarming, but I was also somewhat proud. I asked her if she wanted to meditate, but then she just said "No, I think we should call it a day." That surprised me but I couldn't protest. I was tired, and my pride was wounded.

However that just begged the question, what in the world was I going to do for the rest of the day? Train with my master for meditation practice?

It was in the middle of the day, and I had no choice. I went into my master's chambers, and then we.....meditated.

I just hate it, it solves nothing, it accomplishes nothing (other than giving me a good nap) and I honestly never know what I'm doing. You'd think my master would have taught me by now.

Entry #85

Paradigm Shift

Something really strange happened earlier in my training session with Janace, and now I'm starting to put the pieces together.

First she showed up a half an hour late (she's never ever late), and she's the polite type, so I was expecting to hear some kind of explanation, but she didn't give me one at all. She just pretended as if I didn't know she came late. Heck I'm not the type to question someone anyway.

Second, during our lightsaber duel, I kept getting these "chills." It was like a cold wind running down my spine, but only....sinister. I thought it was all in my head until I realized they went away after Janace had beaten me.

Last but not least, after I asked her if she was feeling alright, she glanced at me, and when she did, her eyes were yellow just like before. But at the speed of a blink, they were back to normal, and she smiled and said "I'm fine Davin, I really am."

I should be a responsible Padawan and report this to my Master, but I don't want to be labeled a slimy Gammorean rat and get her in trouble, so I decided that tomorrow I was going to head to the Jedi Library for some independent research.

Some honest research this time.
"Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do."-Confucius The Analects