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Early on in the Trooper story (right after you are called to the Senate to testify), Garza mentions something about what happened on Ando Prime that lead to Havoc's defection. She said that they went in there, but then encountered much larger Imperial resistance than intel had reported.

Doesn't Jaxo run intel missions like that? Could she have been ordered to lie about the Imperial's strength to get Havoc into a position that would either cause a galactic incident or force the Senate to order Havoc to be left to die? If so, who the hell is the mastermind behind all of this? Rakton? (I just got to the Rakton mission on my main trooper but haven't started it yet).

I don't know. I think the evidence you've shared is pretty damning, and I don't think this whole Ando Prime link has much weight, regardless it seems possible. I started up a new Trooper toon and I'm playing through the story looking for more Jaxo as a spy hints.

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