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Figured I'd help out a little. Doomed lemmings has only Gone 3/4 in EC NiM as of 11/2712 (day I'm posting) and doomed lemmings has downed 4/5 Bosses in 16man HM TFB. Threid posted photoshopped picture as he mentioned. Shortbus has also yet to set foot into EC NiM, you most likely got that confused when I posted for ASB. Which I also tank for. Regarding Doomed lemming being 4/4 EC NiM they're not haha, they said they were server first to attempt on him. Both of ASB's raid groups are 3/4 btw. That's all from me, figured I would clear up some false entries ^_^
Much appreciated.

Guys stop it with the messing around. I know your excited and I'm glad you are making progress but enough. I'm gonna start removing folks if you keep posting false updates. I don't want to come on here to a find kiddie fights breaking out over who beat what before what. I'm posting the server first for now cause they are relevant but if you continue this I will remove those notes and there will be no more recording of server first anything.
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