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I call shennanigans on people ending WZs without a single medal 9/10 times.

Firstly the 1 point for loss will mitigate bailouts at the very late stage plus whoever logged into a match that didn't leave him enough time to get a single medal lost more time on the loading screens than in the match. The way the game throws medals at you it's basically 1 decently placed AOE taunt or one crit hit/heal to grab a medal. If you can't manage that in less than 120 seconds of a match there's other things that need addressing on your end.
I've been placed in some that end before I can take that bike ride before the ship is dead. And can't even leave the starter area in Buttball. And the list goes on that end before being even really able to join. I just think "oh well, it helps my daily at least."