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It really is pretty bad. Like, the two factions on this server are not even close. Republic has a good guild here and there with good players, but by and large even Republic premades are beaten by mediocre Imperial pugs. Now I have very well geared characters on both sides and, while I mainly play Republic, have played a bit of Imperial too, and I've tried to see what the difference is.

I really can't see exactly what it is. When I am on the Imperial side, we simply survive longer and the other team dies more quickly... It doesn't *feel* like we're doing anything all that different. Heck, I have even seen more basic mistakes like fighting off node and things like that on the Imperial side.

The only things I have noticed may sound stupid .

First, the imperials seem to have more CC going on. The only explanation I can make of this would be that Imperials have more of those heavy CC classes - Warriors and Sorcs with bubble.

Speaking of the Bubble, I do find there to be far more sorcs than sages, and the amount of damage mitigation that that bubble provides is absolutely insane and game-changing.

Finally, I think the empire tends to have more DPS classes/specs whereas the Republic have more tankiness. There are a lot of Shadows on the Republic side, which for all their good DPS to survivability ratio just can't burn targets down nearly as quickly as marauders or juggernauts, which the empire has a lot more of than sentinels and Guardians. If you ever doubt the discrepancy in this one class, think about how often imperial teams are able to start huttball matches with predation versus Republic with transcendance.

Are these things the only difference? No, I don't think so, though they may be making some difference. As a whole, though,
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