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Hello "Tomb of Freedon Nadd!" ! I am making a thread on December 16, 7:00 pm EST on the PvP forum that will be entitled "Ultimate PvP Records". It will pit all the servers against each other to try for the top 5 spots in each category across the entire game, instead of just one server. To accomplish this feat, I will need the support of those who are in charge of their server's respective PvP records. If I get 4 others besides myself to post their server records list on my thread, I will edit it into an Ultimate PvP Records to go for the top spots in the entire game. The way it works will be described below.

If 5 servers post their records list on the thread, I will move the Jedi Covenant Server Records list to the reserved post and delete it from the very first post. In its place, the very first post would become the highest records across the entire game so... l'm hoping for an example like this.

Thread Title: Ultimate PvP Records Thread

Post #1 (From me) The PvP Records Thread that combines all the servers into one mega contest where every server battles for the top 3-5 spots in each category.

Post #2 (From me) Jedi Covenant PvP Records

Post #3 (From Cilas) Prophecy of the Five PvP Records

Post #4 (From Grexys) Ebon Hawk PvP Records

Post #5 Harbinger PvP Records

Post #6(from Aerilas) Tomb of Freedon Nadd PvP Records

Post #7(from xContex) Begeren Colony PvP Records

So my plan is for me to reside over the Ultimate PvP Records and Jedi Covenant PvP Records, while those who were in charge of keeping records on their respective servers would still be doing so, just to put the updated results on the thread that I make, that would be in the PvP forums. This way, people can easily see the PvP records of every server in one thread and the first post would be to see who's the top when you combine them all against one another.

If you click the link to my server's thread, you will see all the categories I plan on adding to the "Ultimate PvP Records" thread. The format will be just like that. Hopefully you can represent your server in the Ultimate PvP Records and hopefully, it succeeds, see you on December 16th!
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