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11.29.2012 , 11:07 PM | #88
just started playing and at second day lost 2 purple and 4 blue schemes.

looks like (very hope) it UI bug and schemes still "known" on server side. reasons:

1. i can't learn same schemes again. lost 2 blue schemes from one item, RE like 100 same items, quickly got 1 blue and nothing more. of course it can be random, but looks like schemes still marked as known and therefore can't be got again
2. purple schemes on top of ui list (augments) do not disappear
3. ui schemes list definitely damaged. sometimes i see [+augments],[+heavy armor],[+medium armor] and after all sections several heavy armor schemes, not grouped into [heavy armor]

questions (except when it will be fixed) are:

1. is there a way to use crew skill via command line in chat? like "/craft "Critical Military Belt". maybe schemes accessible this way
2. is there a way to reset UI, remove all local settings? like /ui_reset command or maybe remove all local data from disk and registry (where it located?), maybe it 'cache' ui data and then cleanup can helps