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QFE!!!! I been ranting about that in Gen. Chat on dreadfully lagfest stale Fleet since BETA .

We should at least have Guild Banks on the capitol cities.

ugh please please BioWare , consider this. Please stop trapping us on Fleet.

If anything, atleast give players options. Leave the fleet there for those who actually like it but put all the vendors/terms on the capitol planets as well. I don't see how this would hurt anything by giving us an option as to where we sit around waiting for queues.

On a second note, still no mention of character transfers. This has to be one of the most asked questions I've seen on these forums and it didn't get asked in the Q&A. We already know they have a system in place to do them, the F2P has launched, so give us the option to transfer. We know you're going to charge for it, so let us give you our money, we also know you want/need our money as well so stop holding back and let us pay you to move our characters.