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Now all that needs done is to blow jaesa up... again.
Yeah, that's going to be hard to work in with the romance... but I have plans for her. Just you wait.

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Just reread everything... You did such a great job, really. I love this thread
Thank you! I hope to have an actual arc post soon. Stay tuned.

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Now the icky part I've been dreading is about to start LOL. I agree with the above. Can we explode her for real this time? Now, since a certain Captain in the shower (sans Jaesa) never materialized, I have to go off and do a sketch...
I actually based at least one of Quinn's abilities (the sand trap business) on a Sith Inquisitor move in-game. The name escapes me at the moment and I think it's an Assassin ability, but it's an AOE type of attack that can hold multiple parties in one place. Wish I remembered what it was. Gah!

As for Jaesa, we cannot blow her up, but I do have plans.

Stop trying to kill her, I need her for this!

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Can a post be only an online kiss? because if so *MUAH* love your work my dear!
I do take kisses!
I take kisses, too.
Shoo shoo!
Whatever, you're not my real mom!

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Love the story! All the twist and turns it has gone through, you really can't just sum it up in a simple summary. Besides that would be cheating for those who haven't read the entire thing.
Said who!?
Said me! Now go back into your box in my head and stay there!
fine but I will get out eventually and when I do...
You won't get out
Love the way the stories gone! Saw portions of it coming others not so much. Still great story!
I'm still going to shoot for a summary, but the actual plot of the next arc has come flooding to me and I'm focusing on getting that out and down on paper then typed up and hope it makes sense!

Thanks for reading everyone! Since I haven't provided content for NSP in a long time, but still managed to hit 20000 views, stay tuned on this page for an update to follow very, very shortly!
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