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Well SWTOR is more forgiving, but WoW if you have a gaming anything you will have an advantage over a player who does not. Does that mean you'll always lose if you don't get this stuff, no. But, it's a big help when fighting people.

But compared to SWTOR and WoW, SWTOR is a lot more forgiving when it comes to back-pedaling, keyboard turning and clicking. I don't recommend any of them while playing but I still back-pedal just due to the fact I like to see what's going on in front of me and if I turn around then I lose vision of the objectives.
Combat is slow in SWTOR, and I feel Kinetic Shadow is one of the 'slowest playing' damage classes.
I would never get away with clicking in Galaxies.
Honestly, I think the game is so forgiving I do not even notice the difference.
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