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Materials you gather from bioanalysis nodes roughly match the combat level that a planet is rated at. If you didn't start crafting anything until after you left Dromund Kaas (which, since you only had 1 companion until you got your ship droid, is a reasonable thing to expect), then you may also not have thought to gather any materials while you were on DK. From the list of what you do have, it sounds like you're on Balmorra now.

I'd go back to DK and just roam around in any jungle area. DK has tons of bioanalysis nodes for harvesting and lots of strong or elite animals you can kill and harvest for mats as well. It shouldn't take you long, using your one companion to help you fight if you need to and keeping your ship droid constantly making green-quality medpacks and stims before you level up to more complex items.

Just remember to visit your crew skills trainer every 20 points or so of biochem skill to look for new schematics to craft. Be aware that you will soon need items like "First Aid Kit"s and "Hypo-syringe"s -- "white" crafting materials -- to craft more complex items. You can get those by actually running bioanalysis missions but for those two particular items, it is cheaper and quicker to buy them from a crew skills vendor. You can buy a stack of them by shift-left clicking on the item in the vendor's list, same as you would do to split a stack of something in your inventory.

Finally, don't think you need to purchase every single schematic that is available to you from your trainer. I hardly ever use adrenals because they have a short duration and by the time I realize I have one available, I've usually killed whatever I was attacking anyway. Since I have more than one character with biochem, on any new toon I chose biochem for I only take whatever implants and stimulants I would actually use. My main biochem toon crafts everything for everyone else. No point buying schematics that you will never use.
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