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Sabrina looked at the bounty hunter, looked at the seat as to beconing him to sit down Hi I am Jedi Sabrina, I find my self in the unsual circumstance of needing a bounty hunter. I am concerned about an individual named colonel wolf, he seem`s some what unstable. The problem is I don`t want to use the autortiy`s, as if I am wrong I would ruin the the reputaion of a fine officer. So I need some one to track him, and keep an eye on him. Also keep a of log of his movements, so I can verify thing`s if need be. I do not want you to hurt him in anyway, unless he pose a danger to some else. How much would you charge for this service, my I ask. Sabrina new the going rates for bounty hunter`s, but presumed jedi did not thus she asked rather than offering a price. Also you need a holocam to take pictures to, back every thing up.
I don't usually do observational jobs, so it'll cost ya extra. Say, 4050 credits?
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