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Perhaps it would be better there- however, the pvp forum goes rapidly, and is stuffed with nonsense. This forum has a slower pace and IF they were to so much as glance at this forum they'd see threads like this one on the first page.

The pvp forum is simply so full of doom and gloom, insult wars and general misinformation that I doubt anyone takes it seriously (though, I'm very disappointed when they finally did post in a thread it was in the one asking for a nerf to sorcs- and it was BW saying that nerf was coming).

I pointed out the negative aspects now simply to give a clear idea of where I am coming from and also why the fixes I'm asking for would fit- to hopefully make this a constructive thread. So far I think it is being constructive- all we need now is for the devs to look at this forum for a bit and actually take note of what we are saying after months of dead silence while we enjoy being free kills in pvp- which is what people are unanimously saying in the feedback thread BW posted then promptly ignored.

I understand full well that they cannot answer something if they aren't certain, that leads to people being angry if it doesn't happen later on- BW is giving hints at content updates- both to pvp and pve- in the near future, but they need to realize that content doesn't matter if the gameplay and balance isn't working.

1.2 saw us at the end of an extremely unjust and very painful nerf stick- every single pvp sorc I knew was furious, and many did quit the next month after trying the differences. We were told by other classes to 'just adapt' but we weren't given anything new to adapt to- we still had- and have- the same worthless pure builds we always did and were always not playing before- they just took away the builds that were both viable and enjoyable.

I did want this to get looked at now- because right now many have returned for f2p launch. Sorcs right now though are looking in dismay as the class balance has gotten worse, and are returning just in time for BW to announce they're going to give sorcs another nerf because marauders have asked for it.

It's not exactly a good thing to come back to- and if nothing is said about helping out sorcs a bit (it should be noted sorcs aren't overperforming in pve- so anyone saying you can't buff pvp burst because it'll imbalance pve hasn't looked at the parse logs of the top operation teams at all)- we're going to see an entire AC, one that I should note has gone from being the most played class in the game to one of the least played- take a big f2p hit to the numbers.

BW- you can get sorc subs by showing us you are listening, this continued silence and continued nerfs though aren't going to keep us playing and paying.