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I dissagree with that. Not saying the game is going full sandbox like SWG but I can see them adding Sandbox elements.

Especially since sandbox elements are great for cash shops. For example player housing and custimization. Great for cash shops as you can sell a crap ton of vanity items for your house in the cash shop and people will buy it up.
And therein lies the problem with the cash shop. BioWare promised sandbox elements way back during development. You know, back when it was understood that our subscriptions paid for all that; back when they didn't have a cash shop or free to play. As far as I'm concerned, they won't be living up to those promises if they offer us sandbox elements only at additional cost in the cash shop. These elements should have been in at release, as we were assured they would be.

This game was supposed to be a mix of themepark and sandbox, not "A mix of Themepark and Sandbox**."
**Sandbox sold separately.

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