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While leveling, the tank trees only really aid resource management. There are a couple of survivability improvements but largely you could tank in any spec as long as you can generate enough aggro. That said, some specs will have an easier time of it like Vig Guardians. PT Pyro will have a shocking time trying to tank because most of his talents are tied to CGC. A DPS Shadow in tank stance is also going to be a lot squishier and have some serious issues if they're in Infiltration.

Basically, as you go higher up in levels specialization becomes more important. Content is tuned based on you having a real tank and healer. Over leveling or over gearing content can largely bypass these but if you want to be running content at level/gear you should be fully specced. If you're happy to outgear or over level content, make sure the 'tank' has a Shield equipped and you should be fine.
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