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- Would it be better to start a new toon and get it emersed in PVP from the begining (lvl10+) or bringing in a mid to higher leveled toon?
You can pvp with any toon, regarless of level. If you are still new to pvp, try the character you are most comfortable with. Of course, lower level toons might have to work a little bit harder because their specs have not yet matured, i.e., you do not yet have your best moves/rotation

-- If I start a new toon, do I still need to do PVE, to some extent, with that toon?
I find that it is a bit harder to gear if you do not do PvE. But there are alternatives, like having a higher level alt send that new toon better gear or buying gear from gtn or PvP vendors.

--- If a new toon, is there any special gear that I need, or just what I get during the initial planet
Usually what you get off a planet is good enough to give you a fighting chance (just don't be rambo, fight along other players, there is strength in numbers). Again, you could always send some gear through alts.

-- If I start a mid level toon, should I limit the PVE and focus heavily on PVP
Only if you have more fun that way and if you want to bank (save) pvp commendations and valor.

In regards to the Recruit Gear, is this for level 50s that are just starting PVP, or should a lower leveled toon purchase it as soon a level 40 is reached.
Recruit gear can only be purchased by a level 50 character.
PvE theorycrafting has really loosened their standards.
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As for the skill changes to benefit pvp likes of the fly by damage reduction they suffered and reducing focused defence by 200% is a joke they are affecting pve to benefit pvp.