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When 1.2 came around, we saw two things. The rise of many other classes, and the monumental crash of our own. Since then, we are a class that even other classes agree can't 1v1, we are a class optimized for a pvp game style that isn't part of this game. We finally caught a break when they gave us a lightning talent that allows us to stun with our static barrier- the bubble- but the minute marauders began to complain, BW promised them this would get a nerf.

Right now many players have returned for the f2p launch- to see what has changed, what is new, and most importantly- what BW has done to restore the faith of all the sorcs who quit following the 1.2 NGE patch that gutted the game. Needless to say- most aren't impressed they're coming back to yet another nerf aimed at appeasing the class currently doing best in pvp.

The stun bubble is already the subject of a long post- so I won't go much into something here that BW has already decided to nerf. I'll instead go over some things that, in return, might make the nerf manageable and stop making us a joke.

What makes a sorcerer poor for pvp?

Ultimately, many of us likely realize we're being targetted, locked down, smashed to bits nonstop every game- and those that have multiple characters see the difference right away, but where is the problem?

Many look at the end of a match and see, as a sorc, they aren't actually doing less healing or damage than other classes, yet as more and more games go by it becomes clearer and clearer you offer less as a sorc.

The problem isn't the overall sustained DPS. Sorcs are good at cheesing the end of match numbers- lots of dots, lots of aoe, and most importantly lots of slow damage and healing. What we don't have is the burst, and the pressure.

Consider if you've ever specced a healing sorc before- when almost any enemy starts to attack you, you have to move- look for LoS from snipers, or try to run from mara, juggs, sins and PTs. When a DPS sorc attacks you though- you do not. You don't worry about being locked out and killed, because you know there is no chance a sorc is going to kill you faster than you can heal up, or lock you down long enough to kill you.

There's two reasons- one, they lack the damage and the density of interrupts that allow that damage to outscale a healer's healing, while all those other classes easily have that ability. Two, sorcs give you no reason to move- other classes if you stand still you'll be obliterated, but against a DPS sorc you can stand still and heal, and it's like being batted by a wet noodle... having to move as a healer though means losing out on healing, so any other class simply has to keep pursuing you and you will die sooner or later.

To make it worse- classes like a marauder will keep you in place, while pounding you with interrupts. When we root another class it gives us a bit of time to move away- when we're rooted though, it gives other classes time to lock us down and lay on damage.

What can we do well though?

We can kite and wear down an enemy over a long period of time. Even so though- other classes have anti kiting tools of their own, so while a game like WoW has kiting classes that are fairly one sided- even kiting we don't have a significant advantage when force charge is on such a short CD, and our kiting abilities are not as good as they should be.

We can support. The stun bubble is a big part of this, giving us the ability to provide good CC for capping. Without it, we generally still have support tools for healing with a tank backing us up.

What can we not do that makes us in need of a fix?

We don't function in the WZ that exist in the same way others do. Now, with the bubble stun we temporarily had a function- to control people going for objectives in WZs- but when that is nerfed, we become very limited in usefulness.

Our lack of burst gives us almost no use on offense and in stopping enemy ball carriers. Simply put, we cannot down a healer defending a turret like others can, we cannot even handle non-healers because our strength is kiting- which takes time. That might be fine in some cases, but in this game you have a very small window of opportunity to kill all defenders and make a capture before they respawn- sorcs are not built for that. Worst, our best builds even further hurt our damage output since we almost must lightning hybrid to have any survivability.

As healers, we have some some defensive function- but, it is no different from any other healer, and we are as if not more reliant on having a tank support us. When targeted, no tank is going to do much to stop a pair or trio of high burst classes from tearing us to pieces. Ultimately, sustained is weak in pvp for a reason, and even weaker when objectives rely more heavily on burst in this game. We are simply poorly made for this game's pvp.

What to do about it?

We need to be brought in line with other classes. We cannot be inferior in defensive CDs, escapes, mobility and burst all at the same time- it doesn't work period, and it isn't working.

So, the main two things that ultimately need to be buffed for when they nerf the bubble stun are- output and mobility. We need to be able to put out damage numbers that can compare burstwise to other classes, and healing numbers that can reasonably keep someone being attacked alive- right now, healing not only is too easy to counter, but damage is so high you don't even need to for several classes. We also need to be able to have great mobility if our only survivable feature is our movement.

I think if these things can get a serious look at and a significant boost- we may see sorcs being contenders once again as they were pre-1.2. It will need to be significant though, because the nerf we got in 1.2 was massive.

Here are some suggestions for things that could achieve this.
Nice work. Way to take the time. Unfortunately, I am uncertain of how often Allison or any other dev actually checks the class forums. I think there are bigger things on their mind. I suppose they figure if someone doesnt like their class, they will just reroll ...... which keeps you paying that much longer. That being said ...........

I wouldnt mind if they put a cool down on affliction or removed some of the AOE potential from death field/force storm/CL and gave us some MAJOR upgrades on the damage of other casts ... this could increase the burst of our class while maintaining their metrics. Everyone knows we can match alot of classes in the damage column because of meaningless dots/aoe that noone even bothers to purge....

Also, if I were you, i would put this in the pvp forum as this is moreso a pvp related issue ..... it is more likely to be seen there.
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