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Well, sorry for the newb request for info, but I feel overwelmed with the knowledge that I have been reading. I have been playing PVE since the beginning (after Beta), and have just started thinking about doing PVP. I have read several threads under PVP and still have some questions:

- Would it be better to start a new toon and get it emersed in PVP from the begining (lvl10+) or bringing in a mid to higher leveled toon?
-- If I start a new toon, do I still need to do PVE, to some extent, with that toon?
--- If a new toon, is there any special gear that I need, or just what I get during the initial planet
-- If I start a mid level toon, should I limit the PVE and focus heavily on PVP

In regards to the Recruit Gear, is this for level 50s that are just starting PVP, or should a lower leveled toon purchase it as soon a level 40 is reached.
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