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CH was very rationale and reasonable in his post. No need for you to get all aggro and bent dude. Come correct and show some class.
My sincerest apologies if my harsh words offended anyone but please stick to the main topic. I would still like for someone to explain the downfalls of the 3 Solutions that were stated (Cross Realm Function, Adequate Matchmaking, Split queues). I repeat, beyond losing the opportunity for a Premade to be mismatched against a Pug the system allows for a more competitive, robust, and fair environment while allowing a new possibility, a much bigger pool for Ranked matches. This new system not only satisfies Pugs as they no longer have to suffer through mismatched games against better coordinated pre-made teams but gives the pre-mades a larger pool from which to be matched against each other. One sided games would still happen, but much less frequently as no Premades would be involved in the Pug bracket. If a one sided game occurs in the Premade Bracket, it can be blamed on the team and then as so many of your Premades suggest, "Get better." But honestly if matchmaking is adequately tended to, even these matches will be rare. The details of course would entail a safety measure to ensure no queue grows to preposterous in time, by then filling the missing holes with Pugs but first and foremost searching for Premade Vs Premade competition as well as Pug Vs Pug competition. There is no denying our current system is not doing a very good job at it.

Our current system is a one sided dysfunctional pony. It does a poor job at satisfying everyone, now no system will do this admittedly, but the proposed 3 Function system does a much better job at it than our current one. If you disagree, please explain why and provide a better solution.