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I am interested in seeing this when info comes out. Personally, I would like some early demo footage to be shown so players can start giving more feedback to fine-tune this early but that is just my opinion.

I am assuming this will be a 3D flight sim with multiplayer components and at the very least PVP space combat with enemy ships. That alone will definitely excite players.

My only question is whether it will be sandbox or themepark based though. How big could they make space maps of just.... well space? Will there be areas to travel to throughout the galaxy? Will regions be a segragated "map" that a seat on your ship let's you freeroam for light years across to different areas and jumping from planet to planet is a choice to lightspeed across regions? Will there be hidden enemy fleets for PVE too or the ability to fly to certain "hotspots" directed by the game for PVP?

A lot can be implied based on how they want to improve the space game: Sandbox or Themepark.
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