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11.29.2012 , 06:15 PM | #101
I have to agree the gear desparity between those starting out and those that bw gave advantage too at the start aka Empire shoudl be fixed make a gear cap otherwise you take a game of skill and make it gear up and win. I really dont care if this means imps only fight imps thats a sad story. I think you will find fewer players if there isnt something done at the end of the day i dread my characters reaching 50 cause its just a long month long process of losing till you get gear it shouldnt bee that way there should be some competitveness to the whole thing not a grind fest. Grinding for pvp gear makes me want to quit it should be that it helps some but not that it controls every aspect of the game. It should make you feel better but not be so over the top that you cant even hurt the enemy. i wish the pvp stat was gone all together its a stat that is over the top and makes the game unenjoyable.
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