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You PUG, you take your chances. At least in this MMO there are valid reasons to roll on everything -----> Companions. Don't like it... don't PUG.. problem solved. Really... problem solved.
Sad as it is, it have to agree here. I've had a mix of great looters and greedy effers. One group was a pair of f2p that just rolled need on everything. Granted it was all low level junk, even from bosses, but the healer legitimately needed some of it. They couldn't trade it because they were f2p even after they agreed to when we called them on it. So they spent the rest of the flashpoint getting zero heals from either myself (was spot healing since our "tank" didn't know what a taunt was) or from the proper healer on her sage. They died a lot. We cross healed and finished the flashpoint. They want to be greedy bastards, I figured they could pay for the right in repairs.