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11.29.2012 , 05:40 PM | #6
This is why I don't PUG as a rule.

This is also why many people can't find good groups to run group content with. An LFG tool doesn't cure people of their self-centered ways.

Even when I do offer my help, if the person I'm with starts needing everything, I just say "Have fun all alone in this game." quit group, and put them on ignore.

They like to hide behind the game, and use it as a excuse to act in ways not usually allowed as the social norm.

The really sad thing is, its not the other players they're ripping off by being so greedy, they're really hurting themselves, because no one will group with them. Sure, they may find some new suckers to let them tag along on a group mission or two, but all that accomplishes is introducing themselves for /ignore to new players on their server.
I've seen people in other games, on their server, asking in general chat if their chat is broken, because they get no responses from people, because most of the server has them added to ignore list.

Even more sad, they are completely blind to themselves, justifying their treatment of others. "Its only a game!" they cry.
Yeah, sorry to burst your bubble, but you're still dealing with real people. Just because there's a game between you and other players, doesn't make them any less real.
Act like a jerk, expect to get ignored back. Make-believe or not, you really shouldn't be suprised when people get angry at you for being a triple AAA-hole.

You ninja-looters are only setting yourselves up for a very lonely MMO experience. Enjoy.